Constellation One Five Zero

Constellation One Five Zero aims to transform communities through the implementation of empowerment programmes and workshops for individuals which alternately result in the empowerment of communities and contribute towards poverty eradication.

Why Constellation One Five Zero?

A beacon of light amidst the darkness of poverty

Constellation One Five Zero (C150) seeks to be a beacon of light amidst the darkness of poverty, inequality and lack of education. While our work transcends the realms of race, gender, religion and other such demographics, our ethos is rooted in the benevolent teachings of Islam which encourages its adherents to assist all of creation, including the natural world. This is emphasised no less than a 150 times in the Quraan.

C150 aims to build up and maintain a portfolio of 150 projects which seek to provide guidance, education, development, charitable assistance to those in need.

Who Are We?

Constellation One Five Zero is a Non-Profit, primarily run by young South Africans. The board of C150 governs and guides the organization and its projects. Members and the youth volunteer to execute chosen initiatives on a per project basis.

What Is Our Purpose?

The purpose of the Non-Profit Organization is to primarily empower individuals as well as undertake charitable initiatives assisting the less fortunate and underprivileged individuals. To this end, we:

  • Seek to empower individuals through hosting learner workshops that’s promotes personal, social and community development; and
  • Aspire to carry out outreach programmes which would assist under privileged individuals and the destitute such as organizing feeding schemes, personal hygiene product collection drives and clothing initiatives.

Join the C150 Team

For Information and for members of the youth community interested in participating in this initiative please contact: